Delve into the poetic and magical world of ELEMENTS.





Explore a magical and poetic universe


Live unique adventures through the 12 chapters of Elements


Get insight from the teachings of the 5 elements



ELEMENTS feature adventures and exploration of the five elements:
Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water

The game lore describes the relationship and interdependence between all things.

This teaching is all about finding balance and embracing the process rather than reaching a goal.


Each of the twelve chapters represents a quest to conquer.

Defeating them might reveal to the player that enemies may not be what they seem. They may impart valuable knowledge and insight.

Bolstered by a finely polished refined art interpreted in a fantasy world, ELEMENTS features magical environments inviting exploration and contemplation.

ELEMENTS will take players on a voyage of initiation into the heart of creative poetry.



June - July 2021

Production Alpha

August - December 2021

Production Beta

January - December 2022

Production Complete

Early 2023

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