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If you already read the page to know more about our game Elements, you must be here to discover who is behind it ?

Elements is a brand new game from the Sandbox metaverse produced by NABIYA.

Who is NABIYA ?

NABIYA is an independant creative studio who creates diverse Worlds on the Sandbox. NABIYA studio results from the collaboration of people from diverse backgrounds with a combination of expertise. But one thing is sure : they all are enthusiasts !

Oh, and if you were wondering what “NABIYA” means, you’ll probably find the answer on the website of the studio !

What do they do ?

The answer is quite simple : they do what you want. Anything you have in mind – and related to the Sandbox metaverse – can besome true !

The studio has two missions: to create tailor-made worlds (games & art architectural projects) to meet the demands of landowners and to produce its own games.


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Then, it probably means that you reaaally want to know everything about the game Elements and NABIYA studio.
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