Explore a magical and poetic universe

Live unique adventures through the 12 chapters of Elements

Get insight from the teachings of the 5 elements





Delve into the poetic and magical world of ELEMENTS.

ELEMENTS feature adventures and exploration of the five elements:
Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water


The game lore describes the relationship and interdependence between all things.

This teaching is all about finding balance and embracing the process rather than reaching a goal.

Each of the twelve chapters represents a quest to conquer.

Defeating them might reveal to the player that enemies may not be what they seem. They may impart valuable knowledge and insight.

Bolstered by a finely polished refined art interpreted in a fantasy world, ELEMENTS features magical environments inviting exploration and contemplation.

ELEMENTS will take players on a voyage of initiation into the heart of creative poetry.



Player is entrusted with an assignment and engage in a Quest.


Social experience in the heart on the social hub on Earth map

Game Mechanics

At the basis of the gameplay and scoring system, creation and destruction are complementary processes
in which the ultimate goal is harmony.

The creating – Generative
interactions are:

  • Wood starts a Fire
  • Fire creates Earth
  • Earth holds Metal
  • Metal carries Water
  • Water feeds Wood

The destruction – Overcoming
interactions are:

  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal chops Wood
  • Wood separates the Earth
  • Earth absorbs Water
  • Water puts out Fire



June - July 2021

Production Alpha

August - December 2021

Production Beta

January - December 2022

Production Complete

Early 2023

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